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ZAX 256 BatPack Download for EA Sports Cricket07 Free Full

Zaxotes 256 HD BatPack Download for EA Sports Cricket07


For most of the patches of our website you are required to install ZAX 256 BatPack for EA Sports Cricket07. One of the major patches which require ZAX 256 BatPack is the A Unit Studios EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch.

The BatPack is completely made by it’s owner, Zaxotes (Akshay Anand) . You can follow him on twitter @TheAkshayAnand or Like his facebook page

Here’s what the creator, Akshay Anand said after it’s re-release:

Here comes the the re-release of the HD 256 batpack by me from a new source. As mentioned in re-release of 150BP, Mediafire miscategorized and deleted this file from my account, I had to reupload it for the use of people. This also served as a heart for so most patches developed on PlanetCricket and it had to be reuploaded though being an old release. Nothing is newly added in this release, the same ones found in earlier releases. Also, you need to download BugFix for resolving some errors (If you downloaded earlier re-release, it already contained the fix). Click below to download. No passwords needed, when you are redirected to Google Drive page, Click File>Download. Other details, instructions given in earlier releases. Find them in release log below.

ZAX 256 BatPack Download

Download ZAX 256 BatPack
Download ZAX 256 BatPack Bugfix

Make sure you’ve downloaded the bug-fix too after downloading the ZAX 256 BatPack. After installing any patch, just install the ZAX 256 BatPack to your EA Sports Cricket07 Root Folder (The same place where you installed your patch).