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GM StudioZ Pepsi IPL 8 2015 Mini Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 Free Download

A simple mini starter-pack patch for EA Sports Cricket07 by GM StudioZ!


GM StudioZ recently launched a Pepsi IPL 2015 8 Mini Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 available for free download! As the title suggests, it’s a “mini-patch”. So, rosters, fixtures, stadiums are missing and are expected to arrive soon in the mega patch!

GM StudioZ Pepsi IPL 2015 Patch Contains :

  • Kits by Roni
  • Graphics Set by Ibrahim Captain
  • Overlay by Earagav Jike
  • Overlay menu by Earagav Jike
  • Main Menu by Earagav Jike

Download Links

Download Pepsi IPL 2015 Patch by GM StudioZ

The installation is simple, just paste all the contents of the .7z (zip file) into the root directory of EA Sports Cricket07 and see the magic in-game! If you encounter any problems, do drop a comment below!

  • deepak patidar

    HI..used the patch…in the domestic cricket English county first two tournaments are not working and the games hangs…..suggest what to do?

    • Max

      Can you please elaborate as to what the error is?

  • Vijay Chauhan

    i installed .exe file first it is not asking for root directory secondly setup finishes but nothing happens in game or no new i see in directory
    i m having fresh copy of cricket 007

    • Max

      Root directory by default is C:Program FilesEA SportsEA Sports(TM)Cricket07, i.e., the place where you installed your game. It may differ if you altered the game installation location.

  • Ranveer

    I can’t install the patch, When I paste the Patch in [My Documents>EA Sports Cricket 07>{Paste the zip files}] Nothing happens in the game.

    • Max

      Hey, that is the incorrect location for installation! The place where you’ve pasted the .zip contents is the roster folder of EA Sports Cricket07!

      Paste the zip files where you INSTALLED your game – by default the location is C:Program FilesEA SportsEA Sports(TM) Cricket07.

      I hope this helps.

  • Aashis Vijayakumar

    the first screenshot comes when I open the game, but no IPL options are shown anywhere

    • Max

      Hi, Aashis Vijayakumar,

      This is a “mini patch” as mentioned in the post. It contains only:

      ~Graphics Set
      ~Overlay menu
      ~Main Menu

  • Linges Waran

    doesnot able to download anybody share download link