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GM StudioZ ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Mega Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 Free Download

The world cup hype is here - the GM StudioZ ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 has been released!


GM StudioZ, the most popular studio after A2 Studios in the EA Sports Cricket07 Patches history, has yet another created a mega-patch for their fans – yes – it’s the ICC World Cup 2015 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 finally released!



  • Install EA Sports Cricket07 (in-case you don’t have it installed) without any installed patches (remove if you have installed any before).
  • Install the GM StudioZ CWC 2015 Base pack.
  • Install the batpack and Add-ons.
  • Extract the GM StudioZ CWC 2015 Roster to the documents directory.

How to Play

  • Go to Game Modes -> International -> ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
  • Choose the season as 2003 Only! Not 2007!
  • Choose difficulty level, your team and start enjoying! 😉

Download ICC World Cup 2015 Patch

You have to download each and every file below and follow the steps given above in order to avoid any kind of async. errors.

GM StudioZ #CWC15 Patch (134.5mb)
GM StudioZ #CWC15 Roster (123 kb)
GM StudioZ #CWC15 BatPack (25.59mb)
GM StudioZ #CWC15 Add-Ons (3.6mb)
After you’ve downloaded, installed and played the game, do share us your reviews – may it be criticism or appreciation, we would love your response in comments! If you encounter any problems regarding this patch, you may comment below.

  • Saurabh

    download link isn’t working
    what to do next ?

  • Bhushan Patki

    GM studio patch is much better than A2 studios CWC-15 Patch dear Max..please improve A2 studios patch…

  • Nimish Kashyap

    it is gone black after installing the patch. what I do now?

  • Isuru kahawewithana

    this patch is amazing!!! my pc has 512 separate vga and 2 gb ram. so this patch working properly……. ( photos get on replay)
    if you have a good vga, this patch will run superbly…….. thanks………Max (view more photos, press SEE MORE)

  • Mohammed Junaid

    its asking a password to extract..help me out in extracting

  • Mandeep

    i have this problema ???? help mee please ,, error .932a078a0dcbe116f9cad546a0638c5b.fsh

  • vinay

    i downloaded all patches given above im playing game which is nice but iam getting player names as in 2007 new players names are not given who played 2015 world cup please send me how to aget player names

    • Gautam

      Copy or cut past the .ros file in ea sports folder where all the roster and profile doucements are

  • Gautam

    How to install bat patch and add-ons using winRar

  • Gautam

    The domestic tournaments such as big bash is not working properly. The logs and kit (uniform) is not right.when I started the tournament it showed stimulating. What to do now pls help me

  • Hemanta Patra

    it is saying cannot install completely , failed to install uninstall.SSA while insalling the base patch and the patch was not installed .What to do plz help ??

  • Sikkandhar Sikku

    dear frnd i cant download the zip from mediafire. The same page loads again if i click download