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Ashes Cricket 2015 – England & Australia Test Kits 2015

I am sure all you guys have been following The Ashes like we are, and must be waiting for “The Ashes 2015 England vs Australia Patch 2015”. We recently released the roster for Ashes Cricket 2015 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 available for free download and now we’re releasing the kits for England and Australia for you guys!

0XzTD18hN4A3XjQj9AZdVaoD0D9FxOzp7qIF-YviPwI VTROujUDvCeZzhr32qvi50LlJQBVlxc6WNuFTjFDFmQWe would like to thank Lalit Innovations from Facebook for providing us the England vs Australia Ashes 2015 kits for EA Sports Cricket07!

Watcha waiting for? Oh yeah, the download link:

Download Australia Test Kit 2015 Download England Test Kit 2015 (Download via Dropbox)
Pretty cool, eh? Drop your views in comments below regarding the Ashes 2015 England vs Australia HD (HQ) Kits Pack for EA Sports Cricket07!



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