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Masters Champions League (MCL) T20 2016 Kits for EA Sports Cricket07

It’s unreal, and as a member of the 90s, it’s like my dream come true to see such legends play. The Masters Champions League (MCL) is established with the objective of bringing together the real legends of modern-day cricket to participate in an action-packed Twenty20 tournament that is unlike anything seen before.

So as usual, we are putting before you the Masters Champions League (MCL) T20 (Twenty20) Patch for EA Sports Cricket07. To start off with things, we are releasing the kits of the teams!



  • New South Wales- Capricorn Commanders
  • Queensland- Gemini Arabians
  • South Australia- Leo Lions
  • Tasmania- Libra Legends
  • Victoria- Sagittarius Strikers
  • Western Australia- Virgo Super Kings


..please make sure that you uncheck “Download using our download booster/ manager”. Otherwise you’ll download some malware. The download links are working fine as of February 2016.

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