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Pakistan Super League ( PSL ) 2016 Graphics Set for EA Sports Cricket07


Recently, we launched Pakistan Super League T20 Kits and in that post we revealed that we have made the PSL T20 (Pakistan Super League T20) Graphics set – HBL Stumps and Pitch ads for EA Sports Cricket07 too! Check out the preview below:



I’ll not waste any more time, and simply provide you with the download link. To download, click on the green button below:

Download PSL T20 GFX Set

Make sure you uncheck “Download with Secured Download manager” to download the correct kits! Otherwise it will download other software!

If you liked the graphics set, do drop a comment below and share this with your friends!


  • Aneeq Irshad

    this all patches is boring mere pass ik hi game mai all patches to 2009 to 2016 come my website on 29 feb 2016 on aneeqkhan.com

  • Aneeq Irshad


  • Aneeq Irshad

    pak super league i play

  • Jhanzaib Khatri

    where should i copy that??